Senator Gregorio Honasan
Senator "Gringo" Honasan is currently imprisoned on charges of rebellion
and is a Senatorial candidate for May 2007 elections. This former head of the
Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) and former aide of Senator Juan
Ponce Enrile is the first independent candidate in history to win a senatorial
seat. He first became a senator in 1995.

Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr.
A key opposition figure during martial law and the EDSA revolution, Senator
Pimentel was first asked by President Corazon C. Aquino to be her vice
presidential candidate in the 1986 Snap Elections before giving way to Doy
Laurel in a move to unify the opposition. He is currently on his last term as
Senator of the Republic of the Philippines.

Senator Francisco "Kit" Tatad
Former senator and information minister of President Marcos during the
declaration of Martial Law, Senator Tatad is currently a key opposition
figure and author of numerous books on Filipino politics.

Bishop Soc Villegas
Bishop Soc was the Personal Assistant of the late Cardinal Sin and is currently the Bishop of the Diocese of Bataan.