The film’s purpose is to preserve the first-hand accounts of those that
had played a part in the revolution and how they viewed EDSA twenty
years later. Making history, it is the first time all major players of the day
have come together to tell their stories in one film.

The documentary approaches the event from previously unexplored angles, raising the bar from general human interest to compelling, factual drama. Sensitive questions were asked such as, “Was EDSA really a revolution or a managed transition of power? Is there grist to the rumor mill that the Americans, embarrassed by the excesses of the Marcos regime which they had once supported, wanted to engineer a change to a more ‘democratic’ government?”

While many works have been made on the topic, this film is unique and is the first time a documentary of this magnitude has been produced on Filipino history.

Now that the movie has been completed, it is not just an historical account
of the 1986 People Power Revolution, but a compelling documentary that
includes the events that preceded it and ultimately asks, “What was and is the meaning of the EDSA People Power Revolution?”